Girl Dominating Girls part 1

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Girl Dominating Girls part 1
Eve was sprawled on her sofa, her long legs draped over the end. She growled impatiently, waiting for her girls to arrive. She had dressed up specially with a beautiful deep purple corset cinching in her already tiny waist and pushing up her /tits/perfect-tits/perfect-round-tits/">perfect round tits. Black fence fishnets covered her tanned, toned legs finishing in black pvc stiletto's. She looked incredible and she knew it; which was partially why she was so annoyed at being kept waiting. The T.V flickered with the sound off but Eve paid no attention, instead tapping her talons on the sofa edge. Finally the door bell rang, she stood up, checked her thick dark locks in the mirror and sauntered to the door.

The door opened to Maria and Ally, looking /gorgeous/">gorgeous but petrified, which in Eve's opinion was a justified fear. 'Girls, you're late. A whole 30 minutes late. You know I do NOT like being kept waiting.' 'I'm so sorry Eve, there was a traffic...' 'I don't fucking care what there was, you should have got here early. Now I'm pissed and you know what that means...'The colour drained out of their faces and Eve laughed a low, sinister laugh. 'Go into the living room, I'll be with you in just a minute. Don't touch anything - especially each other.'

Eve strode into her bedroom and opened a trunk in the corner; after a moment's indecision she drew out a lethal looking long black cat of nine tails whip and a roll of thin, heavy duty tape. As she walked back to join her girls they started trembling and begging her 'Please Eve, not that...' 'Eve don't, please...'. Pissed off already, full hd xvideo download this made her worse; she marched over to where they were perched on the sofa and slapped both of them around the face 'Don't you fucking tell me what to do you ungrateful little bitches.' She stood them up, spun them around and deftly bound first Maria's wrists and then Ally's with the thin strong electrical tape. The black of the tape contrasted sharply with their pale skin and Eve felt herself get a little damp.

'Now, you know what I do to you when I'm angry. You have both been very /bad/">bad, you should never keep your /mistress/">mistress waiting. Agreed?''Yes Eve, I'm so sorry. I'm a little whore and don't deserve anything from you.''Yes, I'm a dirty bitch, please punish me.'They both said the right things, voices trembling along with their bodies. Eve was pleased. She dragged the whip lightly across their cheeks, up and down their spines. The girls relaxed, they audibly let out their breaths, about to stammer thanks when Eve cracked it hard against Ally's ass. A loud cry filled the room. Then it was Maria's turn, she managed to stifle her scream...but only just. 'Now, you will get 10 lashes on both cheeks each, I want you to count out loud for me.' She continued whipping their asses, alternating between girls as they stammered out the numbers. By the time she was finished both their buttocks were red /raw/">raw. No blood though. Eve found herself disappointed with that.

'Well done girls. You took that well' She slit the tape off their wrists and let them sit down. They were both shaking, looking frightened, but also a little turned on. She bent down and put her hands between Ally's legs and then Maria's 'mmmm you're all wet. Good girls.' she purred 'now turn so you are sitting back to back.' When they were positioned just right, leaning against each other she took the tape and bound Maria's right arm to Ally's left and vice versa. Then for good measure she wrapped the tape around their chests, tightly obscuring their nipples. One more wrap around their waists and she was finished. She stood back and admired her work.

Just to make them sweat it out Eve wandered off to the kitchen and poured herself a tall glass of icy water. She lapped at it as she made her way back to Ally and Maria who were looking very anxious. 'Ok girls, what now?' laughs Eve, a laugh which reverberates throughout the empty house, a laugh which leaves the girls tied up on the floor looking even more worried than before. The whip is lying on the floor near where they are being held, Eve spots it and picks it up. Ally free porn movies download starts to whimper and Maria's eyes are shiny with tears of frustration and fear. Eve spreads her legs and whips Maria's engorged, damp pussy lightly, flicking the tails gently. Maria starts to moan softly, her juices are trickling down onto the plush carpet beneath her. Eve flicks her wrist harder, the whip making a audible cracking noise every time it comes down. As she hits Maria's pussy harder and harder Maria starts to make more noise, soon she is crying out loudly, she wants to come, and soon. Eve stops.

It's Ally's turn now. Eve uses a different tactic, she lowers herself onto hands and knees and moves up unto her head is between Ally's legs facing her swollen moist cunt. She admires Ally's sexy little hood piercing and then gets down to work. She plays with her clit and piercing, flicking her tongue gently over it. She curls her tongue around the barbell and gently sucks on it; Ally starts purring to herself and thrusts her cunt up into Eve's face. 'You little slut, I won't carry on if you do that. I am in control here, not you. You will come when I want you to, and not before. Now what do you say?''I'm I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself. I'm undeserving, please, do what you want, not what I want. I'm sorry.' rambled Ally. Eve, satisfied [and rather enjoying herself] continues to play, soon she lowers her mouth and gently licks her entire vulva, from her clit to as near to her /asshole/">asshole as the positioning will allow her. Ally's cunt is dripping and Eve decides it's time; she darts her tongue in and out of her cunt, quickly. Ally increases her moaning [just like Maria did earlier] as Eve thrusts more and more of her tongue into her until her how face is buried in Ally. She's about to come and Eve stops, just as suddenly as she did for Maria, leaving Ally whimpering and shaking.

Eve stands up, smoothes down her corset and circles the girls. 'Well, you've both had a lot of fun, I think you need to calm down before we continue. I am going to take a shower. When I'm back, we'll continue.' And with that she leaves the room, leaving Ally and Maria bound together on the floor, helpless and begging silently for more.

To be continued....