Shes my best friends girl and she used to be mine

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Shes my best friends girl and she used to be mine

 My /friend/best-friend/">best friend has been married to my old /girlfriend/">girlfriend for almost six years now and she just cant seem to keep her hands off me. He doesnt have a clue that she is blowing me and fucking me everytime he is not around and sometimes even when he is in the next room! She will act all innocent and ask him to go to the store to get some milk or beer and as soon as he pulls out of the driveway, she is kissing me and unzipping my pants!

Now dont get me wrong, its not like Im not a willing victim here but she worships my cock. Jan is /gorgeous/">gorgeous, she is like one of those /cartoon/anime-cartoon/">anime cartoon chicks, she is only about 49" with a perfect body. She is small waisted with huge round tits, a /perfect/perfect-ass/">perfect ass with all other small features. Her head is so small, its no bigger then a cantelope, it makes my dick look huge! When I am fucking her face, which she absolutely loves, it feels like I am pushing my cock down her throat and into her belly! My hands which are not big fit around her head like Shaqs hands and it seems the harder I shove my dick down her throat the more she loves it! I always have to literally bang her mouth so hard that my balls slap against her chin! She wraps her small arms around my waist and pulls me into her face as I start to come, and she will not come up for air until the last drop of /semen/">semen has been licked clean and swallowed like honey.

After I finish coming she keeps sucking it until I am hard again with licks and sucks and kisses and ball licking and ass licking, I mean she doesnt stop until I can fuck her with my hard as a rock cock! When she sees it is hard again she will get on all fours and stick her /sweet/sweet-ass/">sweet ass in the air so that I have the perfect angle to fuck the shit out of her! She orgasms with the first insertion and always has multiple continuous orgasms until she passes out or goes limp quaking and shaking like someone who is having an epileptic seizure! I usually /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-her-in-the-ass/">fuck her in the ass when she wakes up or stops having her seizure but she never wants me to come inside her, its like she wants to swallow me everytime she gets a chance, she will actually cry if I happen to lose my load while I am fucking her deep and hard!

I am always amazed how after all that sweating and sucking and fucking, how she can get all cleaned up and act as if nothing has happened when he returns from the store. One time I had to touch my ear to give her a hint that she still had a big glob of jizz hanging from her ear like it was a pearl earing! Her husband, my best friend, would always be clueless and ask me to spend the night which sometimes I actually had to turn down because I knew that when he fell asleep she would be in there milking me dry and I would never get any sleep!

She never dresses sexy, she always wears conservative clothes and glasses like a librarian and if you didnt know her like I do, you would think she is a prude but how wrong you would be! She will be wearing her apron in the kitchen casually fixing dinner and her porn videos download hubby would say that he is going out to the patio to start the grill and its like a light switch flips on inside her, she leaps into action knowing exactly how long he will be outside and exactly how fast she can make me come down her throat, swallow it and clean herself up before he opens the sliding glass door!

I always think that one of these times she is going to miscalculate the time it takes for me to shoot my load and he will catch me hammering her face so hard it would appear that I was raping her! I know that once she starts to suck my dick into her mouth the only way its coming out is to insert it into her pussy and she would not stop even slow down if he walked in on us, thats how much she is addicted to my dick!

Whenever I feel a little guilty, I will avoid going over their house for a few days and it never fails, she has him call me and invite me over for dinner saying that she has a special new recipe she is trying out and I know that I am the dessert! I keep thinking that I have to quit letting her suck me and fuck xxx me because I never have any energy left for any other /women/">women but she is the best piece of ass with the sweetest mouth and pussy that I have ever come accross. So for now I will feed her lots of semen and hope he never finds out that his wife is a /slut/real-slut/">real slut for my cock!