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It was blockbuster news in the field of women?s medicine: in a large clinical study, women randomly assigned to consume 60 cc of semen daily, by mouth, for 6 months experienced less aging of the skin, looked younger, and weighed an average of 7 pounds less than women given 60 cc of a liquid placebo. Now, long-time high school Principal Josef Oliver Stanton III stood at the window of his office, looking down 3 storeys to the stream of buses and students arriving for the first day of a new school year. His eyes flitted between the various young women he saw, whom he knew all were waiting anxiously to ?hear the news? at the upcoming school assembly, due to start in 45 minutes.

He chuckled. Virtually all the senior girls seemed to have taken extra time and efforts to dress and fix their hair and make-up on this morning. He could see all the purple and deep pink eye shadow even from this distance. They all wanted to look their best. And why not? This news he was about to give them was big news? news that could influence their entire senior year.

Of course, every one of them had heard about the school having been chosen to participate in the next phase of the Semen for Women Study. Having answered the question ? does consumed semen slow aging in women and help them lose weight? ? two obvious next questions to alain lyle porn address were (1) whether or not there was any added benefit to a woman to a woman actually dropping to her knees to earn her semen, versus just taking four tablespoons from a bottle; and (2) how young a woman could be to start to obtain any benefit. Being the largest high school in town, with over 2500 students and more than 300 girls age 18 or older as of September 1st, this school had been an obvious choice to participate. The question on everyone?s mind heading to assembly, of course, was which group would the girls at this school be in? would they be receiving their semen from a tablespoon? or from the tap itself? From the way every eligible girl was dressed, it was obvious to Mr. Stanner that the girls had made a unanimous choice for ?active? (versus ?passive?) treatment; but what had the study administrators decided?

Mr. Stanner glanced at his desk and chuckled again. He already knew the good news. There lay a box filled with 312 envelopes, one for each and every girl age 18 and over, including 3 girls who were celebrating their 18th birthday today, giving each girl her ?assignments? for the week ? specifically where to go? and who to blow?

The entire school attended this assembly, because everyone needed to hear what was going on. It would, after all, affect far more than the 312 girls on the treatment list. Every girl who turned 18 over the course of the year, and was deemed attractive enough to meet the eligibility criteria, would be entered into the study as of her 18th birthday. Each and every boy who was or would be turning 18 that year needed to hear, so he could ?volunteer? for the girls, if needed. Every /teacher/male-teacher/">male teacher needed to hear so they could make themselves available. Even the janitors needed to schedule time to be free. In addition, since an executive decision had been made by the study designers that 30 blowjobs would be necessary to guarantee at least 60 cc of semen swallowed, the girls would need to have their afternoons freed up from classes each day. Consequently, all these girls would take their regular classes from 8:10 through 1:00; and then they?d be loaded onto buses or would otherwise walk to wherever they were assigned for that week. Luckily, in addition to the 500 or so eligible men at the school itself, there were several great sources of semen for the girls all very close by. Mr. Stanner had made a big point of emphasizing all of this when he had met with the Semen for Women Study administrative board. First, there was an all men?s college with over 4500 students, just two miles down the road. Second, there was a naval academy with over 1500 recruits and officers. Third, satisfying the board?s wish for a broad representation of sperm, there was a major seniors apartment complex, from which the school already had had 417 men sign up to offer their services. But perhaps the ace-in-the-hole that had swung the board?s decision in the school?s favour was that Mr. Stanner had personally met with and obtained written support from over 25 local pumps, all of whom had agreed to ?put the girls to work? on the street and in Escort houses, as needed, to keep girls busy in the evenings and on weekends. The principal remembered one older woman on the panel, in dark-rimmed glasses and a white coat, asking him if he was confident that these pimps would generate enough blowjobs for the girls.

?They all guaranteed keeping the girls on their knees at least 50 minutes of every hour,? he answered. ?There?s no vaginal fucking, so virtually all the clients want oral or ass-to-mouth and end up emptying their loads in the girl?s mouth.?

The whole committee nodded its approval.

?Excellent,? the chief investigator said. ?Excellent.?

And so it was that as Mr. Stanner?s eyes scanned the assembly hall, his eyes settled on certain girls whose envelopes he?d already peeked into; and he marvelled at how the girls? choice of outfits seemed to indicate an instinct as to what they?d be doing that day and where.

For example, Brooke Adams was a pretty blonde who would start this week at the naval academy. Each day, she?d board the bus with about 60 of her colleagues to travel the five or so minutes to that facility, where the girls would be divided up into groups of five and led to various lounges, gyms, dining halls and even outdoor locations to kneel and receive their treatments. Mr. Stanner nodded and smiled. As luck would have it, Brooke was wearing skin tight, white shorts and a light blue top, which would match perfectly the navy?s white uniforms with blue trim? very /cute/">cute!

Stephanie Taylor was all eyes on Mr. Stanner. This pretty girl with a long, light brown ponytail would be spending her afternoons this week at the men?s college. She was wearing tight, dark blue 5-pocket jeans and a tight light yellow sweater today, which would be perfect because she was slated to kneel in the college?s main quad outside, and it was supposed to be a bit cooler today. Meanwhile, Kimberly Henry was a /blonde/gorgeous-blonde/">gorgeous blonde who would be servicing 30 seniors today; and she was very nicely dressed in a lovely, lavender-coloured satin blouse, black dress pants, and heels. He would definitely ask to see her in his office before she left, he thought to himself, to give her some ?personal practical instruction? on how to handle a senior.

And then there was Katie Stanner, whose pleading eyes and pouting lips he?d had to ignore that morning at the breakfast table, because she was so anxious to know. He knew that Katie and her mom had even gone shopping the day before to buy the nice designer jeans, pink top and black heels she now was wearing. And then she had gotten up 2 hours early to make sure her make-up was perfect in the mirror.

?Just wink if it?s good news,? she said over her Cheerios, smiling sweetly with her ruby red lips.

But he had had to shake his head. ?Even I don?t know yet,? he lied.

Now in the assembly hall, she too was looking right at him, and he was so, so tempted to wink. She and a couple of others would be starting their treatments right on campus with the football team and a list of coaches and teachers. He himself could never officially be on her list; but it was fair game for him to stop by and visit with professors Katie was with, and bring his camera. And all these four girls had been assigned a pimp for the weekend, starting Friday night. He glanced at Katie again. He couldn?t wait for Friday night to arrive, to see Katie standing on a street corner downtown in even tighter jeans than she was wearing now, excitedly waiting for business.

Finally, the time came for him to stand up.

?First of all,? he said, ?I would like to welcome every one of you back to school; and of course, I?d like to welcome all new students; and to say that I hope that every one of you has a wonderful year.? Then he smiled: ?I think the entire campus is in for some extra fun this year.?

To say that the cheers were deafening might be an exaggeration; but it would not be overstating it to say that many girls and guys were out of their seats, virtually every one of the eligible girls hugging each other and laughing with joy.

It was almost a festive atmosphere from then on, as each of the 312 girls was invited up, one at a time, to receive her envelope. There was more giggling and hugging in the seats as girls opened their letters to see what fun was in store for them. Mr. S. then explained that, in subsequent weeks, the girls would need to pick up their weekly assignments from the main office.

?No stampedes now,? he said, smiling, and everyone laughed.

But then Mr. Stanner got serious for a moment. ?Now ladies,? he said. ?You must remember, each and every day, that you represent our school when you are off campus. So we want you to always be clean and dress nicely, following the school dress code; be polite; and be sure to finish the full treatment every day. If, for some reason, you cannot come to school or participate in treatment, you must have a /doctor/">doctor?s note and let us know, so we can make other arrangements.?

A hand shot up. It was Kimberley?s.

?Yes, Kim.?

?Are we responsible for getting ourselves to treatments on weekends??

Mr. Stanner nodded. ?Yes. But if you can?t get there, let me know in advance, so we can arrange a pick-up for you. The study has given us funds to cover everything like this.?

Another hand.

?Yes, Stacey.?

?Can we still blow our boyfriends??

The audience laughed, as did Mr. Stanner.

?We encourage all the girls to enjoy all their regular activities.? He then paused and scanned the room for more questions, but there were none.

?Okay. That?s all for now. But could Kimberley Henry and all the other girls slated for the senior?s apartments please come by my office at noon today.?

?Ooooohhhhhh,? the crowd said, in fun.

Mr. Stanner was talking with his secretary, old Mrs. Munce, when Kim and fifteen others arrived. Again, the old principal noted how nice Kim looked in her black pants, lavender satin blouse and broad, black heels.

?I just wanted to talk to you girls a little bit about how to handle the seniors,? he said, stepping out into the hall and leaning against the wall.

The sixteen girls all nodded.

?There are a few things you should be aware of. First, be gentle. If your man wants to be a bit rough, that?s fine. But you should be gentle so you don?t hurt him. Some of these men have arthritis in their hips and so on. Second, always be respectful. Don?t complain if some old guy pees in your mouth. Just swallow and keep working until you get what you need.?

The girls nodded again.

?And finally, always look especially nice for these old guys.? He looked at Kim. ?Kim, you look unbelievable today.?

?Thanks,? she said.

?The rest of you look good too; but maybe dress a bit more formally indian santali xvideo with these old guys. Us old farts generally appreciate it.?

?Should we not wear jeans of shorts?? a girl named Lana asked.

?Jeans or shorts are fine; but make sure they?re nice and wear a nice top with them.?

Then he looked at them and smiled.

?Now gather round and drop to your knees. Kim? you kneel right here in front.?

Ultimately, all the girls got to take Mr. Stanner into their mouths for at least a minute or two; but it was Kim who received the first official dose of treatment, several juicy cc of cum that she swallowed hungrily. Mr. Stanner had arranged for the YearBook photographer to pop by as well, so the YearBook cover ultimately would have a picture of Kim on it, her mouth wrapped around Mr. Stanner?s cock as she peered into the camera to signal the official start of the school?s participation in the study and the start of the 2009/2010 school year. This picture also would serve as the main promotional picture for the study, chosen not only because of how pretty Kim looked, but also because of how much she appeared to be enjoying herself. All this made Kim and her whole family extremely proud.

?Now don?t miss your bus, girls,? Mr. Stanner said, once the girls all had stood up again.

The girls smiled, thanked their principal, and headed off to catch the van that was transporting them to the seniors? complex in just over 20 minutes.