The Awakening of Alexis Part 3

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The Awakening of Alexis Part 3

For days after that night at the motel, I was in a kind of turmoil. It was such a turn-on to see my wife Alexis pleasured by a woman and also pleasuring herself in front of her. But far more so, were the statements made by Jackie - the prostitute / escort - about future encounters - i.e. involving black men. 

The examples she gave, the scenarios, the options, were breathtaking. Recalling her words just gave me an instant hard-on. Alexis was just as aroused too. We both talked about these things after that evening, and I probed with my wife what turned her on the most, what she most wanted to do, or see, or participate in.

Jackie, for example, had described an underground /club/sex-club/">sex club which she belonged to, that every once in a while had interracial only nights that involved white couples and black lovers. A lot of these couples were full of lust but also shy and slow in getting into things, so the woman running the club would give orders to everyone, set things up and get things rolling. Those were the rules. Jackie mentioned one such night where a number of white couples were present. The husbands had to orally service their wivess privates while their wives orally serviced black men. Then when the white wife and the black lover were ready, the husbands were actually told to take the black mens penises and insert them into their wives. The women would be fucked and fucked and the black men were required to ejaculate inside the white wives, period, with no other options. The husbands would just watch, but were allowed to photo and video the action. The whole thing sounded weird, probably sick even, certainly twisted, but was nonetheless hugely arousing.

Jackie talked about another scene, in which white wives were securely blindfolded and made to bend over a kind of leather platform. Their husbands then brought in a large number of black men from an adjoining room and then had to just watch while all these men took the women, screwed them, and came in them. She said that most of the women had numerous black men making love to them that way, but they could see none of them, only feel them. As for the husbands, they could only watch, not participate. But afterwards they were allowed to bring towels or whatever to help clean up.

She said that the black men at these events, and I was not surprised, were all very well /hung/">hung. Indeed any black men NOT well hung were just sort of disinvited from the start. And sometimes the black mens own wives would come along - and participate in various ways of their own. Jackie also talked about the more sedate one on one kinds of scenes, where a white couple would meet a black man somewhere and have a threesome. Or an interracial twosome while the white husband watched. And she brought various other possibilities to mind, naming various examples and giving details and telling us 
to think it all over, talk about it, and then talk to her so she could set things up.

One thing she insisted on was that she talk to each of us separately and privately, to get a clear picture of what each of us really wanted, without feeling any pressure from the others reactions, and to make sure of what each of us was really comfortable with and how far we wanted to go.

About a week after the motel encounter, Alexis called Jackie first and they talked for nearly an hour. I have no idea what transpired from their conversation as I wasnt meant to be present. But I do know that afterwards, Alexis was very sexually aroused. Her vagina was incredibly wet and her clitoris was rock hard and protruding. Without any conversation at all, I just approached her, undreseed her, and then went at her with the black dildo and my own cock. It 
was really wonderful to see her come so hard and quickly. The whole thing, i.e. what she needed and wanted, was just instantly understood without words.

A day or so later I called Jackie myself for our own private chat. She pressed me on specifics as to what I wanted to do and see, and especially what I was prepared to accept so far as Alexis went. Like what if she started doing her own thing with other men - or women - what would be my reaction? and that sort of thing. I made clear that my main focus was on seeing my wife have enormous sexual pleasure, numerous orgasms if possible. That the men had to be very black - not just a shade of light brown or racially indeterminate - have large penises, and that they had to ejaculate their semen INTO my wife. That I wanted to actually see her fucked really hard and long, and then see some of the cum coming out of her afterwards. I also said that seeing her with numerous men, especially very young men, would be a special turn-on. No violence, no pain, just pleasure. No need to know anybodys names, nothing social.

Jackie asked me about black women, like what if one of the black wives were present, would I object to her participating? I said no, that was great as long as Alexis as ok with it. She also asked about other white couples being present or watching, was that ok? I was fine with that, but only if they participated in the same way that we did.

So... Jackie set up our first interracial encounter for a week later. She wouldnt give any detail to us other than where and when to meet and the ground rules for us to follow. The rules were that she would be in charge and would tell everyone what to do. We were not to talk or socialize, but just do what we were told. That everything would be safe, clean, and we would enjoy ourselves. We agreed to the terms and I settled the financial side of things. I 
didnt mind doing that, I didnt mind the cost. stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv It was already like an addiction to me. I had to have this, had to see and experience it.

The set up was at a small private residence. We arrived on a Saturday evening about 7pm. Alexis was inwardly excited but outwardly calm, although rather impatient to get on with things. She knew that just about anything could happen. I could see that she was already very wet. As for myself, I had a hard time keeping my /erection/">erection down. I too was impatient.

I knocked, and Jackie opened the door. We went inside and right away I noticed another woman present, but no one else. She was a rather petite blonde woman, in her late 30s, slim. She was sitting in a lounge chair. She just looked at us, unsmiling, but didnt say anything. Ground rules: no names, no socializing, just action. We were told to sit down and wait. Jackie busied herself with some video equipment and some toys that she had laid out on the bed. These included dildos and vibrators - mostly black - a blindfold, some lubrication, and a few other things. We sat there in silence and just wondered what was going to happen. My impression was that Jackie and the blonde woman would be pleasured while we watched, but we hadnt been told. I couldnt help staring at the blonde and visualizing her being ravished by black men. She ignored us and just waited.

A short while later there was another knock at the door. Jackie opened it and three very black men came in. All rather large and muscular I noticed, not types that Id want to tangle with. Behind them came a black woman also, or a colored, as she looked half-white. The men looked eager while the black woman had a different expression. She looked resigned, or perhaps a little bit angry, it wasnt clear. I gathered that she was the wife of one of these guys, and hed probably forced or pressured her to come along. Or maybe not. I didnt know either way, but she looked good and I hoped she would take part in the action.

Jackie stepped into the other room and then came back in with some drinks. We all had something to fortify us, then waited for Jackie to take charge. It didnt take long. She told the black men to strip naked and stand by the bed. They did so, and as their briefs came off their cocks sprang free. They were already semi-hard and they sort of bobbed in the air as the men moved. Alexis just stared at their black penises. So did the blonde woman. The black 
woman just looked pissed, but also a bit aroused. Alexis then took the blonde woman by the arm, had her stand up, then led her over to the bed. She then told Alexis to help her undress her. The black men and the woman just stood there watching while her clothes came off. Her breasts were fairly large and with long nipples. Her pubic area had fairly dark hair but her pubic lips were rather large and extended. She was probably a bottle blond, her dark pubic 
hair giving that away. But that didnt soften any of the black cocks. If anything, they got harder. A couple of the men started touching themselves.

At last the blonde woman stood there naked facing the black men, and we could see their cocks standing out firm and hard. The woman looked in their eyes, at their cocks, then into their eyes again. Jackie told her to lay on her back on the bed and to open her thighs. The men moved closer.

Alexis was told to take some of the vaseline and lubricate the woman on the bed. She did so, rubbing a generous amount on her lips and clitoral area. She gently ran her vaseline coated fingers inside the womans vagina, spreading it deep inside to make sure the hard black cocks would have no trouble penetrating. As she was finishing, Jackie told her to lubricate the nearest black cock.

This was the /first-time/">first time Alexis had EVER - at least to my knowledge - handled another mans penis since we married. And white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie it was certainly - again, at least to my knowledge - the first BLACK cock she had put her hands on, let alone one as dark and large as the one she reached out to. The man moved close to my wife and as she was sitting on the edge of the bed, his penis bobbed almost directly into her face. She smiled slightly and took the vaseline and voluptuously coated his cock with it, then stroked it slowly from the /circumcised/">circumcised head to the base just above his large black testicles and crinkly pubic hair. 

His cock seemed to grow larger as my wife moved her hand up and down on it. Without Jackie instructing this, Alexis took her other hand and began gently fondling his testicles while stroking him with the other. She seemed fascinated. The whole action looked so natural, like she was made to serve this black man this way. I was rock hard watching it. His cock was probably about 8 or 9 inches long - certainly much bigger than mine - and her hand looked small around it.

After a minute or two of this, Jackie told my wife to insert the mans cock into the blonde woman on the bed. She lay there waiting, her thighs parted and her right hand stroking her clitoris while she watched Alexis masturbating him. He moved closer to the woman and Alexis gently inserted the head of his cock into the blondes vaginal opening. He slowly moved his penis into her in a back and forth motion, after only maybe ten seconds it was into her full 
length. The blonde sighed with satisfaction but her expression didnt change. Alexis sat right there with them, very close and with her eyes only a foot or two away from their privates, watching his black dick slide in and out of the blondes vagina, gradually increasing to a fairly fast tempo.

It was at this point that things started to get surprising. The other black men had moved closer to Alexis and their cocks were practically in her face just as the other one had been. My wife stood up and actually pulled her skirt off, then her panties, then sat down again and parted her thighs. This was NOT what was planned. We were supposed to only be observers. She took some vaseline and began lubricating her own privates, then doing a circular rubbing motion over her clitoris. My wifes eyes moved back and forth from the black cocks near her face, to the one pistoning in and out of the blonde woman on the bed next to her.

Then the black woman suddenly got involved. Id almost forgotten about her, watching the other action around me. She was naked and I hadnt even seen her undress. She looked good. Her brown breasts were delightful, with large and long nipples, and her pubic area was really hairy. But the most interesting thing about her was her clitoris. It was massive and extended, probably from a LOT of hand work down there over a long time. It looked almost like a /penis/small-penis/">small penis.

This lovely mulatto woman suddenly moved in between the black men and got real close to Alexis. She actually got onto the bed, standing, and pressed her privates close to my wifes mouth. I thought Alexis would get upset or move away, but that didnt happen. Instead, she just started tongueing the woman. I moved more to the side of them to get a better look at the oral action. Alexis had already started sucking on the womans clitoris. She had it full in her mouth and was sucking away like it was the most natural thing in the world. The brown woman placed her hands behind my wifes head and directed the sucking and licking motions, gradually gyrating her hips as she did so. Alexis, meanwhile, still had one hand masturbating her own clitoris and placed the other behind the brown womans ass - actually holding her closer while she worked on her.