Pleasant surprise

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Pleasant surprise

This week, I was out of town on travel when I got bored. My meetings ended early and I checked into getting an earlier flight, but everything was booked. So here I was, stuck in a small midwest town for the night. I ate a light meal by my lonesome and decided to drive around to see if I could find a lively bar. As I was zig-zagging through the edge of town, I noticed an adult book store and thought, oh-well, there is a sexxxx video ful hd dvd player in the hotel room...maybe I will buy a cheap porn flick and relax for the night with a bottle of oil. I really enjoy doing this while Im on the road. There is way too much traffic in/out of the house to leisurely sit in front of the TV and enjoy myself. All too often, I have to make it quick before one of the family comes through the door. I usually go downstairs where I can have some privacy all the while within ear-shot of the outside doors. There has been a couple of times where Ive had to scramble with changing the channel while I pull my pants up. But thats another story, let me get back to the original.

So I pulled into the lot of the adult book store. For a small town, I was surprised at the dozen or so cars in the parking lot...but then again, there wasnt much else to do. I went through the double doors and was greeted by a friendly girl sitting behind the counter. What a job, I thought. Then again, rumors will fly in a small town and Im sure that this friendly girl certainly had an established reputation (good or not). Anyway, she said "welcome, can I help you?" I said, "no, just looking around. Kinda bored tonight and I thought this would be a good place to shop for some entertainment. She was quick to ask "what interests you?" I hesitated, but remembered that I was out of town so I didnt have to worry about how my preferences would be received, so I said "bisexual." "2 woman or 2 men" she asked. I said, "2 men, but I especially enjoy the oral part...I usually fast forward through the anal scenes since they dont interest me." "Well", she said, "there is a flick that is all male-male-female oral, but its not on the rack. It is showing in one the booths." "Cool", I said, and I proceeded to get a pocket full of dollar bills so I could start loaded up the money taker machine. "Through the door at the back and take a right", she said. "Thanks", I said, and walked through the door.

It was dark after I stepped through the door, but my eyes quickly adjusted to the light. The video booths were not like any other Ive seen. Rather, I think they were constructed out of shower curtains that you could pull around for privacy. There were 5 of them side by side with little placards on stands identifying the type of flicks that were showing. I glanced at all of the booths and found the video machine that had the bisex videos on it. I walked up to it and pulled the curtain around so only one side was open (away from the door). There was a folding chair to sit on and I saw some clear lotion on a shelf next to paper towels. "How convenient" I muttered to myself.

There was no one in the video room except me so I put some dollar bills into the slot, found the oral bisex channel and sat back to watch. I was surprised how long the dollar bill lasted. I stuck 5 in the machine and it said I had 30 minutes left. "Im in no hurry" I said to myself and settled into the folding chair. After about 5 minutes, I unzipped my pants and pulled out my penis. It was as wet as wet could be. I gently stroked my mushroom head. "Not to fast", I thought. I had plenty of time left in the video and I wanted to enjoy this. I sat there for about 10 or 15 minutes, slowly using my fingertips on my mushroom head. I had plenty of natural lube going on so I didnt have to reach for the clear lotion on the shelf. "Thats OK", I thought. I didnt know how many other cock-stroking hands had pulled lube out of the bottle. About that time, a guy about 10 years younger than me walked into the opening on the curtain surrounding my booth. I jumped because I didnt hear him come in. He said, "sorry, didnt mean to startle you." "No problem", I said, " I thought I was in here by myself." "Hi, Im Mike", he said, and he held out his hand for a handshake. I had forgotten that through all of this, my hand was still on my exposed cock. I reached out and took his hand only then did I realize that it was sloppy with my natural juices. Mike chuckled and said "no problem, Im glad you are enjoying yourself...you have a nice looking cock, by the way." I said, "thanks" and brought my right hand back to my mushroom head. Mike asked "do you mind if I stand hear and watch with you" all the while unzipping and reaching in for his cock. I said, "no problem, enjoy!" So here we were, not more than 5 /feet/">feet from each other...both stroking our cocks watching a male-male-female threesome sucking and fingering each other on the screen.

It wasnt long before I was not paying any attention to the bisex flick on the screen. Rather, I was watching Mike stroke himself to full attention. Like me, he was rock hard. Mike didnt say a word while he stopped stroking and stepped out of his shorts. He didnt have any /underwear/">underwear on so my first thought is that he came for some action. I asked Mike if I could stroke his cock for xxx sex video download free com awhile and he said "sure" and stepped sideways until he was close enough for me to reach. I put my hand on his rock hard shaft and used my own juices as lubricant. I could have done this for hours, but by then, the movie timed out. As I was digging for more $, Mike was already filling the machine with about 5 or 6 more. As he turned around, his /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick was staring right at me so I reached out once again and started to stroke him. Since he was now facing me, I used my left hand to feel the weight of his balls. "Lets change places", Mike said. So I stood up and Mike sat in the folding chair. I still had my own pants on with my cock sticking out the zipper, so Mike started undoing my belt buckle. In no time, my pants were down to my ankles. Mike starting stroking me with both hands. I glanced over at the video machine to see what was going on when I felt his hot warmth mouth surround my cock. He started slow but got into deepthroating me in no time. This was a first...but you know what, Id rather have all the tongue attention on my mushroom head (now that Ive experienced it).

So..with his mouth on my cock, his left hand on my balls, Mike used his right hand to stroke himself. I could have stood there for hours on end. Blowjobs are great and I love getting them. I was about to turn the favor when Mike started breathing deeply and shot his load straight up in the air. It hit the floor when a loud splat every time he squirted...and he must have squirted a dozen times...it was quite the thing to see. In the interest of reciprocating, however, I did pull away from his mouth and lean over to clean his cock off with my tongue and lips. Mikes cum tasted great...a little more /sweet/">sweet than mine (yes, I do on occasion eat my own cum...much to the enjoyment of my female partner, but thats another story).

I stood up again, and Mike took me in his mouth. Then something else happened. Mike reached between my legs and started fingering my bum hole. It caught me by /surprise/">surprise and I didnt know what to do...but you know what? It felt great. Over the course of the next few minutes Mike was giving me great head, using his left hand to massage my balls, and he had worked a finger on his right hand up my ass about 3 inches. When I climaxed, I climaxed like a horse. Mike took me deep into his throat while I pumped cum after cum into him. It was so good...I thought I was going to collapse on the floor.

I pulled away from Mike and he had a big smile on his face. "That was great", he said. "Thank you", Mike continued... and I said "it was really my pleasure...really!" We both smiled while pulling our clothes back on...that is when I saw someone else standing in the shadows. It was the friendly girl behind the counter. Mike said, "I hope you enjoyed the show Linda!" She said, "absolutely." Then Linda said, "and I hope you are glad I gave you a call, Mike." Mike just smiled and Linda started to explain. She said, "this is such a small town that we dont get too many guys interested in cockplay with other guys. If they were interested, they would never admit it and avoid the subject." Linda went on to say, "I hope you dont mind that I called my boyfriend when I learned that you were interested in bisex. Mike and I usually head to a larger town for threesomes. I love watching Mike suck cock. It turns me on to no end." I said, " I absolutely dont mind and Im glad I could make your day...and Mikes too." I also said, "its too /bad/">bad I dont get back here more often so we could do this again." Linda smiled, walked up to Mike, put her hand around his waist and said "both of us would very much like that."

On the way out the door, Linda gave me her phone number and Mikes. She said, "thank you, and we really hope to see you again." I said, "me too."

Upon my return, Ive been playing with my schedule...all trying to find a way to return and spend more quality time with Mike and Linda. Next time, however, I think we should meet in my hotel room or at their house. Make sense?